Thank you for wanting to make Hampshire greener

Your support for the campaign to build a wind farm at Bullington Cross is really important to us, and will help us achieve our aim of producing locally owned electricity for future generations.

After being refused by councillors at the planning meeting in the Summer of 2014, the plans to build the wind farm are now in the appeal stages. We received an unprecedented level of support before for our plans for community ownership, but we need more to make sure we aren’t refused a second time.

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HREC team

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Write to your local representatives On this separate page you’ll find a list of local council representatives and their email addresses.

Want to make it personal? We suggest you include some or all of the following:
• The goverment has a responsibility to reduce carbon footprints in the local area.
• The government and each council have a stated policy about reducing carbon footprints in their districts.
• Wind farming is a quiet, efficient, clean, modern and safe way of generating electricity.
• There are no alternatives to renewable energy. Existing power plants are dirty, old fashioned, inefficient, dangerous and expensive.
• Bullington Cross is one of the few sites in Hampshire that is suitable for wind farming. It is windy, at the cross roads of two major A roads and the nearest village is 3km away.
• We need more renewable energy generation in North Hampshire, and councils have a duty to support it.
• Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative wants to see much more community ownership of local renewable energy generation.

If you’d like to learn more about wind energy head on over to our discover pages

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