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In 2013 EDF Energy Renewables submitted a planning application for a new wind farm to be established on land at Bullington Cross, to the west of Basingstoke and south of Whitchurch in Hampshire. Comprising 14 turbines, the site has a capacity of 28MW, capable of powering around 13,000 homes and would offset the annual release of 26,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide.

Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative supports the Bullington Cross Wind Farm, but on the understanding that there will be a substantial degree of local ownership; we have suggested 10% . We believe this ownership should be via a community owned, controlled and managed co-operative that benefits the Hampshire community.
Together with our partners Energy4All, we are in negotiation with EDF Energy Renewables to ensure that will be the case.

After a lengthy planning process, the planning committees of Winchester, Test Valley and Basingstoke and Deane councils turned down the application for the wind farm in June 2014.  In December 2014, EDF Energy renewables appealed the decision and a full inquiry by the Planning Inspectorate will now take place, with the appeal hearing expected in summer/autumn 2015. The final decision will then be made by a Government Planning Inspector.

We were overwhelmed by public support during our campaign in 2014. We secured 2840 signatures of support for the wind farm, the most successful wind farm campaign in UK history. But we cannot be complacent, and now more than ever we need your valued and continued support. If you didn’t sign up the first time around, please do so now.

Your vote really counts.  Tell your friends and family too.

It’s not too late for them to add their name to the list of supporters. Remember wind farms are clean quiet and efficient. They create local jobs. They reduce our reliance on dirty expensive and imported fossil fuels. And when owned by the community we all benefit environmentally and financially. 68% of the UK public is in favour of onshore wind farms. Only 10% actively oppose wind farms.

Help us create the first community owned wind farm in Hampshire  – we are determined to provide local energy for local people, AND owned by local people. Thanks!

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One thought on “Bullington Cross

  1. Community ownership of renewable energy schemes is a clear and positive action to increase awareness of the benefits to be harnessed from this technology. Careful site selection and especially use of marginal land should be encouraged. In the case of the proposed EDF development at the Bullington Cross site it seems to offer many benefits. It seems clear that the wind resource in this location combined with road noise from A34 and A303 are two significant advantages and the location should have minimal impact on local air traffic operations / control. Other details will be raised as a consequence of the comprehensive environmental impact study but the balance of environmental benefits and detractors seem to be set in favour of this development. The local community will have to bear the change in visual amenity to the landscape that they use for recreation and farming but that change should be seen as an investment. Community ownership (in part) will ensure that this scheme delivers a financial return to those that host this asset. It is important that the local community are rewarded on a comparable scale to those that simply invest financially. This development is a good thing for our local people, our county and all those that seek to respond with positive action to reduce the rate of climate change caused by man-made emissions to atmosphere.

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