Co-operating for a greener Hampshire

Press Release – Co-operating for a greener Hampshire

Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative (HREC) held its first Members and Supporters meeting in Winchester this month.


Members and Supporters of HREC, a Co-operative for local renewable energy generation projects in Hampshire, were invited to attend a free evening at The United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester, where they had the opportunity to meet other supporters from around the County.


Like minded people of all ages, from all corners of Hampshire – from Fareham to Basingstoke, from Lymington to Andover – had the chance to learn about the Co-operatives aims, campaigns and recent activities, as well as quiz the seven Co-op Directors about future projects and long term aims.

 Hampshire Energy Supporters Meeting

After a detailed presentation about the Co-op’s activities to date there was constructive debate and discussion about possible future activities. A new communications and marketing team has been charged with updating the Co-op website, and it was unanimously agreed that the Co-op should remain focused on its primary objective of creating new renewable energy generation facilities in Hampshire.


Martin Heath, HREC Director, comments: “It was great to see so many new faces at our first members and supporters event. We were particularly impressed by the amount of enthusiasm amongst the membership for us to press forward with some of our smaller scale projects, as well as the high levels of continued and sustained support we have for the proposed Bullington Cross Wind Farm.”

Supporters Meeting Presentation

HREC was set up to create a range of renewable energy generation facilities throughout Hampshire. These facilities will be co-operatively run for community benefit. The Co-op also provides a valuable resource for all aspects of renewable energy.


HREC has to date focused on gaining support for the proposed Bullington Cross Wind Farm. HREC plans to own 10% of the wind farm under its community ownership scheme.  Currently more than 1,300 local residents have already emailed or written to local councils supporting the wind farm, with numbers growing steadily.


“It’s imperative for the future of the Co-op and green energy in Hampshire that we find more supporters,  members and volunteers join in with a variety of community events across the county this year, and interested parties are invited to contact us via our website” continues Martin, “We would also welcome invitations from event organisers for us to exhibit at local events, give talks and presentations or run small workshops abut renewable energy.”


The Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-op Team will next be in Winchester on 22nd March drumming up support and signatures.

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  1. Well done to all the cooperators from Southampton Area Coop Development Agency.
    Glad you are keeping us in the loop.

    Nina Lambert

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