Letter published in Basingstoke Gazette

Dear Mark,

Wind farming is the cheapest way to renewably generate electricity; it is cheaper than nuclear.

Wind farming is clean; it does not produce greenhouse gases; it does not produce soot, or emit Nitrous Oxides, Sulphur Dioxide, fly ash or Mercury. Wind farming is efficient; the wind is free and wind farms produce energy 70% of the time. Wind farming is quiet and produces less noise than an A road.

Old fashioned power stations built in the last century produce 40% of the UK’s Carbon Dioxide emissions. They are dirty, inefficient and reliant on imported coal, oil and gas.

People in North Hampshire support wind farming. At a national level only 11% of people are opposed to on-shore wind farms.

Bullington Cross is one of the few places in Hampshire suitable for wind farming. It is isolated, windy and at the junction of two of the county’s major roads. The nearest large village is 3km from the site.

In Hampshire we have a choice. We can support the construction of a wind farm at Bullington Cross which will generate electricity cleanly, cheaply, renewably and from locally available resources.

Or we can do nothing and leave the pollution for our children and grandchildren to clean up.

Doing nothing it not an option. We need to let our local council know that wind farming is something we, our children and our grandchildren need.

Learn more and find out how to register your support at www.basingstoketranstion.org.
Yours sincerely

Martin Heath

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