Facts about Bullington Cross – letter response for Basingstoke Gazette

Dear Sir

basletterI hope you will allow me to respond to Mr Hulme’s letter of 4th July. Here are both some facts and the evidence for them.
Over the last year UK wind farms have produced enough electricity to power over 5 million homes.

  • Wind farms operate about 70% of the time and work at 27% of their rated capacity. This is as good as or better than coal, gas, oil or nuclear fuelled power stations.
  • Wind farms pay back all the energy used in their construction and manufacture in about six to nine months.
  • Wind farms receive no taxpayers’ subsidy.
  • The only support for wind farms comes from the electricity industry itself through a mechanism called renewable energy certificates. These certificates are bought and sold in an open market; they are not subsidised.
  • Wind farms are profitable. That’s why electricity companies want to build them.
  • HREC (formerly known as Hampshire Energy Group) intends to become a co-operative that will have a share in the Bullington Cross Wind Farm.
  • All the profits made by the co-op will be returned to its members and the local community. Anyone can become a member of the co-op and we hope the vast majority will be us local people.
  • The Co-op will make money – but for the local community not just for distance shareholders and global banks.
  • The evidence for these statements can be found at www.hampshire-energy.coop; www.decc.gov.uk and www.renewableuk.com.

The above are facts. Can I ask Mr Hulme provide the source of his “beliefs”. I look forward to his reply.
Yours faithfully.

Martin Heath
Millennium Court Basingstoke
On behalf of Hampshire Energy Group

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