Wind Power – Just hot air? or a sensible future?

Turbines at Westmill

Our community wind farm, despite being banned by councillors, continues to spark debate and make headlines in local newspapers.

Recently, chief Anti-Windfarmer, Douglas Patterson wrote to the Basingstoke Gazette (Why Wind Power is Just Hot Air) to express his gratitude to the councillors and suggest his own solution to the energy and climate crisis; Thorium Nuclear reactors in every town.

You can read his letter to the paper here.

However, his suggestion for ‘safe, clean energy’ did not go unnoticed by supporters of our community wind farm, whom quickly wrote into the Gazette with more realistic ideas and suggestions.

You can read them here.

We also made it into the Hampshire Chronicle with letters from another supporter. You can find copies of these below.

No green wind farm in my back yard

Wind Farm efficiency

It goes to show, you can make a difference. Write a letter to your local newspaper and it could be seen by thousands of people. Or why not write a letter to your councillor?

If you have been inspired to pick up a pen, or take to the keyboard, and write a letter of your own.



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HREC featured in Winchester News

We are pleased to help the local student community in Winchester understand more about local energy, and were recently interviewed by a student journalist for their online news bulletin.

You can watch the story here from the Winchester News Online YouTube channel:

You can read the full article by clicking here.


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Letters of support in the press

HREC (formerly known as Hampshire Energy Group) has been pleased to see many positive press reactions and Letters to the Editors of our local papers over the last few weeks.

Below you can read several of the articles that we have scanned in:

andoverletter2 andoverletter

gaz_letter andover_advertiser












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Facts about Bullington Cross – letter response for Basingstoke Gazette

Dear Sir

basletterI hope you will allow me to respond to Mr Hulme’s letter of 4th July. Here are both some facts and the evidence for them.
Over the last year UK wind farms have produced enough electricity to power over 5 million homes.

  • Wind farms operate about 70% of the time and work at 27% of their rated capacity. This is as good as or better than coal, gas, oil or nuclear fuelled power stations.
  • Wind farms pay back all the energy used in their construction and manufacture in about six to nine months.
  • Wind farms receive no taxpayers’ subsidy.
  • The only support for wind farms comes from the electricity industry itself through a mechanism called renewable energy certificates. These certificates are bought and sold in an open market; they are not subsidised.
  • Wind farms are profitable. That’s why electricity companies want to build them.
  • HREC (formerly known as Hampshire Energy Group) intends to become a co-operative that will have a share in the Bullington Cross Wind Farm.
  • All the profits made by the co-op will be returned to its members and the local community. Anyone can become a member of the co-op and we hope the vast majority will be us local people.
  • The Co-op will make money – but for the local community not just for distance shareholders and global banks.
  • The evidence for these statements can be found at; and

The above are facts. Can I ask Mr Hulme provide the source of his “beliefs”. I look forward to his reply.
Yours faithfully.

Martin Heath
Millennium Court Basingstoke
On behalf of Hampshire Energy Group

Turbine Envy – response to a letter in the Andover Advertiser

Written in Response to a letter published in the Andover Advertiser – helping to dispel myths around Wind Farming at Bullington Cross

Dear Sir

Turbine Envy

May I respond to Paddy Keenan’s letter of 11th June with some facts? Wind farms are clean, cheap, efficient and modern. They do not receive subsidies from the taxpayers and they are no more or less subsidised than other forms of power generation and they reduce our reliance on dirty expensive imported oil, gas and coal.

Hampshire Energy is a group (HEG) of experienced individuals – all of whom who have had successful careers in their own chosen fields – who are passionate about developing a stronger, healthier and more prosperous local economy.

Very soon HEG will become a co-operative owned by its members and run for the benefit of our community. It is our firm intention that, following detailed negotiations with EDF, the Co-op will share in the revenues of the wind farm and will make a profit. The profit will be paid back to the members or re-invested in LOCAL renewable energy projects creating jobs and reducing costs of energy for us all.

Wind farmers are like any other business; they make a product (electricity and renewable energy certificates) which they sell at a profit. Some of that profit, just like in any successful business, is used to pay for investment. The big difference is co-operative wind farms keep the profits for the benefit of their community; not for the benefit of multi-national shareholders and global banks.

HEG think it is fair that the benefits of wind farming should be shared with all the local community. Of course others disagree with us; and want to see the benefits go to others. But that’s up to them.

If you want to learn more about how to make Hampshire greener, share in the benefits of wind farming or join us then visit

Yours faithfully

Martin Heath on Behalf of HEG; Making Hampshire greener.
Innovation Centre, Norden House, Basingstoke RG21 4HG


Photo Credit: Jeff Kubina

Letter published in Basingstoke Gazette

Dear Mark,

Wind farming is the cheapest way to renewably generate electricity; it is cheaper than nuclear.

Wind farming is clean; it does not produce greenhouse gases; it does not produce soot, or emit Nitrous Oxides, Sulphur Dioxide, fly ash or Mercury. Wind farming is efficient; the wind is free and wind farms produce energy 70% of the time. Wind farming is quiet and produces less noise than an A road.

Old fashioned power stations built in the last century produce 40% of the UK’s Carbon Dioxide emissions. They are dirty, inefficient and reliant on imported coal, oil and gas.

People in North Hampshire support wind farming. At a national level only 11% of people are opposed to on-shore wind farms.

Bullington Cross is one of the few places in Hampshire suitable for wind farming. It is isolated, windy and at the junction of two of the county’s major roads. The nearest large village is 3km from the site.

In Hampshire we have a choice. We can support the construction of a wind farm at Bullington Cross which will generate electricity cleanly, cheaply, renewably and from locally available resources.

Or we can do nothing and leave the pollution for our children and grandchildren to clean up.

Doing nothing it not an option. We need to let our local council know that wind farming is something we, our children and our grandchildren need.

Learn more and find out how to register your support at
Yours sincerely

Martin Heath