Our aim is to build a portfolio of renewable energy projects across Hampshire. Some of these will be 100% community owned, and some will be part owned eg a 10% stake in Bullington Cross Wind Farm.
We will be looking for investors as each project becomes ‘live’.
The reasons why you may wish to invest in one of our projects are:
  • Support renewable energy
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Support the co-operative movement
Register your interest for the investment opportunities below
Bishop’s Waltham Solar Farm – You may have read all the details on this website, in our newsletters and blog, but if you haven’t you can find out more here. This project will be a part community owned solar farm. Bishop’s Waltham Renewables Ltd (BWRL), which is developing the solar farm, and HREC, are particularly keen to attract investors living in the SO32 postcode areas in and around Bishop’s Waltham.

Register your interest here to ensure that you receive full details of the investment proposal when it becomes available. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information at this time.

Here’s how it will work:
  • Shares will be offered at an affordable price, so almost everyone can benefit from the opportunity.
  • When enough money is raised, the co-op then purchases ‘the project’ and profits from the sale of green electricity are distributed to members through an annual dividend.
  • Preference for joining the scheme is given to people living in areas where the projects are developed, to maximise the economic benefits to the local community.
  • Investors receive their capital back at the end of the project lifetime and the co-operative structure ensures that money does not buy power.
  • Co-operatives combine business efficiency with honesty and fairness and all members can have a say in how the co-op is run one member one vote.
  • Residual profits are distributed to a Community Energy Fund.
  • Co-op’s are constituted under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act.

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Photo credit : Blackrock Energy