Climate Change Factor Forty

Some of us were fortunate enough to be at the Climate Change presentation at the Café Scientifique in Basingstoke on Monday 19th May.

Professor John Shepherd (from National Oceanography Centre at University of Southampton) gave a talk that would have thoroughly depressed many people. In fact he said that if we didn’t leave the room glum and miserable, then he would have failed.

He certainly didn’t fail. A presentation packed full of scientific evidence that Climate Change is a reality, that it is here to stay and that sadly increases in the Earth’s temperature are inevitable.

melting earth

We’ve added a copy of his Climate Change Factor Forty 2013 presentation here for you.


Some key quotes we took from the evening are

“the world is getting warmer, there is no longer any serious doubt about that, and the changes this will lead to may be greater than we think”

“evidence from the past suggests that climate change is unlikely to be gradual and steady”

“there is a rapid and irreversible change in the state of the planet”

“natural changes in planet temperatures does not mean we should do nothing”

“of all the scientific studies it’s clear that Humans are the most unpredictable aspect of our future”

“the climate system is now very sensitive to small changes which we don’t yet fully understand”

“the evidence for human influence is very strong indeed, possibly as much as 90% of carbon emissions is man made”

“combustion of fossil fuels is definitely the largest single cause of climate change”

“we need to get a handle on this problem and do as much as we can possibly do, as fast as we can stand”

“local action is essential”

and last but not least – our favourite quote of the evening was




Professor Shepherd suggests the following actions:

  • Make energy more efficient – ie renewables
  • Decarbonise the electricity supply – ie renewables
  • Conserve energy
  • Don’t forget about carbon capture and storage
  • Educate the public to make changes
  • Policy changes are needed at Governmental levels
  • Economic incentives / carbon taxes are needed to steer everyone in right direction
  • Never forget that delaying action will only make it harder


Our thanks to Professor John Shepherd for a fascinating presentation that totally reinforces our need to work together to put renewable energy on the map in Hampshire


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