We think this is outrageous – do you?

You might have not heard; but our three local councils have all decided to ban our planned community wind farm at Bullington Cross.  This is in despite of over 2,800 of us writing or emailing the planners saying we support community owned wind farms.  We think this is outrageous. Next year is election year.  The only thing that keeps our elected officials on their toes is votes.  It seems there is little else they care about.

So yet again it looks like it’s time to put pen to paper (and fingers to keyboard) and write to your councillor; this time to tell them how disappointed you are by the council’s refusal of the wind farm. We should also start letting our MPs know as well.

I know we have all written to them before; and some might be saying “Is it worth it?”.  Yes it is. We made tremendous progress over the last 6 months. In Basingstoke we got 5 out of the 12 councillors to vote for the wind farm; in Test Valley it was 4.  Clearly there is something wrong in Winchester where only 1 of the councillors could be bothered to vote in favour. But this is much more than ever before.  Another few councillors on our side and we might get our next planning application accepted.

As always, we have provided some inspiration as to what to write below, as well who to send it to once you are finished. But remember, not all the councillors voted against the wind farm, if you want to congratulate the councillors that voted in favour we have highlighted their names below. A full list of all Councillors on the planning committee is here.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support. Although the planning decision has past, we need to keep the momentum up. After all, we are building a community energy revolution not just a wind farm.

Suggested text

Dear Councillor,

Re: Bullington Cross Wind Farm Planning Application.

I am a supporter of community ownership of the wind farm at Bullington Cross. I have been following the developments of the planning application for this wind farm with great interest and am disappointed to discover that proposal for the development was rejected by you at the committee meeting on 16th June 2014.

You would have heard the arguments for and against; but I want you to explain to me why you voted to ban a community owned wind farm. 

If you want my vote for either yourself, or your party, at the next election, you are going to have to convince me that you (and your party) are serious about reducing global warming and that you support community ownership of renewable energy.

I look forward to your explanation for your vote and to hearing what you are going to do to address the threat of even greater global warming.

Yours sincerely


If you want some ideas for additional paragraphs to add in here are some;

Any large scale development of this nature will of course impact upon the landscape and the people close to its location. In these circumstances the correct decision is one which fairly balances the costs and benefits of its construction.

The benefits of the wind farm outweighed the costs. These include –

  • Generation of over £4 million through a community, co-operative ownership scheme which would be used to fund additional community energy projects and tackle fuel poverty in Hampshire.
  • A step towards de-centralisation of energy production in Hampshire. A process that places communities in charge of their energy production and creates a more equitable and beneficial energy market for consumers.
  • Reduction of Hampshire Carbon Dioxide emissions by 26,000 tonnes annually, an amount equivalent to the removal of 9,000 cars from Hampshire’s roads.
  • Increased resilience of Hampshire’s energy network and a reduction in the £1 billion the three districts spend on imported fossil fuels annually.
  • Generation of around £3.5 million through a community benefit scheme funded by the applicant, EDF.
  • Generation of around £5 million in additional rates for the three councils.

Climate change is a reality; one that not only affects those in distant places but us in Hampshire also. We must take responsibility for our own energy production in the county. We must do this to reduce the environmental impact of the energy we use. We must do this to secure a more equitable energy market for consumers by placing them in charge of production. We must do this for a better future for ourselves and our children.

I am particularly disappointed by the decision of the council and hope it is one they will not repeat in the future.

I will be intrigued to hear what steps our council will be taking to ensure they achieve sustainability targets in the future.

Below is the list of all the councillors that were in attendance and made a decision regarding the future of our wind farm. Simply find the right ward for you and send your email. Easy.

Title First Name Last Name Ward Email Vote
Cllr Laurence Ruffell Owslebury and Curdridge Ward lruffell@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Therese Evans Wickham tevans@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Richard Izard Colden Common and Twyford rizard@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Ernest Jeffs The Alresfords Ward ejeffs@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Robert Johnston Kings Worthy rjohnston@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr David McLean Bishops Waltham dmclean@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Frank Pearson Swanmore and Newtown Ward fpearson@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Michael Read Denmead mread@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Jane Rutter Kings Worthy jrutter@winchester.gov.uk Did not attend
Cllr Jamie Scott St Luke jscott@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Kim Gottlieb Itchen Valley Ward kgottlieb@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Brian Laming Oliver’s Battery and Badger Farm blaming@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Barry Lipscom Wonston and Micheldever Ward blipscomb@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Sam Newman-McKie Whiteley snewmanmckie@winchester.gov.uk For
Cllr Donald Sherlock Kingsclere Cllr.Donald.Sherlock@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Michael Bound Baughurst & Tadley North cllr.michael.bound@basingstoke.gov.uk For
Cllr Anne Court Kempshott cllr.anne.court@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Eric Dunlop Whitchurch cllr.eric.dunlop@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Jane Frankum Popley West cllr.jane.frankum@basingstoke.gov.uk For
Cllr Stuart Frost Oakley & North Waltham Cllr.Stuart.Frost@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Sven Godesen Basing cllr.sven.godesen@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr George Hood Norden cllr.george.hood@basingstoke.gov.uk For
Cllr David Potter Popley East Cllr.David.Potter@basingstoke.gov.uk For
Cllr Diane Taylor Oakley & North Waltham cllr.diane.taylor@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Chris Tomblin Bramley & Sherfield Cllr.Chris.Tomblin@basingstoke.gov.uk Did not attend
Cllr Marilyn Tucker Pamber & Silchester cllr.marilyn.tucker@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Martin Biermann Chineham Cllr.martin.biermann@basingstoke.gov.uk For
cllr Zilliah Brooks Millway cllrzbrooks@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Maureen Flood Anna cllrmflood@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Iris Andersen St.Mary’s cllriandersen@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Katherine Bird St.Mary’s cllrkbird@testvalley.gov.uk FOR
cllr Carl Borg-Neal Harroway cllrcborg-neal@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Peter Boulton Broughton and Stockbridge cllrpboulton@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Alexander Brook Alamein cllrabrook@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Jan Budzynski Winton cllrjbudzynski@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Daniel Busk Broughton and Stockbridge Cllrdbusk@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Ian Carr Charlton cllricarr@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Eleanor Charnley Penton Bellinger cllrecharnley@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Clive Collier Abbey cllrccollier@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Benjam Few Brown Amport cllrbfewbrown@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Peter Giddings Bourne Valley cllrpgiddings@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Karen Hamilton Harroway cllrkhamilton@testvalley.gov.uk FOR
cllr Sandra Hawke Millway cllrshawke@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Anthony  Hope Over Wallop cllrahope@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Phillip Lashbrook Penton Bellinger cllrplashbrook@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Nigel Long St.Mary’s cllrnlong@testvalley.gov.uk FOR
cllr Jan Lovell Winton cllrjlovell@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Christopher Lynn Winton cllrclynn@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr James Neal Harewood cllrjneal@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Phillip North Alamein cllrpnorth@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Brian Page Harroway cllrbpage@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Ian Robin Millway cllrirobin@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Graham Stallard Anna cllrgstallard@testvalley.gov.uk FOR
cllr Janet Whiteley Alamein cllrjwhiteley@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT


Thanks as always for your continued support.

HREC team