Let’s make some news


Make Headlines

Local news is one of the best ways of getting your voice heard and sharing your opinion with a large audience. It is a great tool to promote your ideas, and when your voice is part of a larger crowd of voices it becomes real news.

That’s why HREC are asking all our supporters to write in to your local newspaper. One letter about Bullington Cross might make it into the local comment pages, a whole barrage of letters makes headlines.

As always, you can find some inspiration below and details of who to write to.

So don’t wait, get writing and let’s make some headlines.

Tips and Advice

Keep it short- editors get hundreds of letters per week, all competing for valuable print space. Keeping things brief give you the best chance of being included.

Make it Persuasive- We all know several good reasons why community owned wind energy is necessary, pick one or two rather than trying to squeeze them all in.  If you need some inspiration we have included some of our best below.

Make it personal- There is an old adage in journalism; “facts tell, stories sell”. Journalists love the personal touch. Think why Bullington Cross is important to you and cover that.

12 Good Reasons

1. 70% of the UK population support wind farms.

2. 2,750 local people have written to Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover councils asking for community ownership of the Bullington Cross wind farm.

3. The benefits of wind farms far outweigh any costs. They reduce carbon emissions, do not produce pollution,  produce cheap renewable energy, generate local jobs, increase council revenues, and reduce our reliance on expensive dirty imported fossil fuels. 

4. Wind farms generated enough electricity to power 5 million homes last year

6. Wind farms are just as efficient as nuclear, gas, and coal fired power plants.

5. By the end of 2013 17% of UK electricity came from renewable resources.

6. Wind farms have a smaller impact on our landscape than coal, oil, gas or nuclear power plants.

7. We have to get our electricity from somewhere it makes sense that we make some of it ourselves

8. Hampshire spends £4 billion a year on fossil fuels to generate energy.  This is a drain on our local economy.  We can make energy renewably ourselves and save money. 

9. Community ownership means the benefits and profits from the wind farm accrue to local people ie US

10. A co-operative (Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-op) has been formed to buy a community stake in the wind farm.

11. The biggest danger facing our countryside is climate change.

12. A NO to wind farms = A YES for climate change.


If your letters get printed please do let us know so we can feature them here on our website. Thanks!


Photo Credit: DB Photographs

Councillor and MP contacts

Thanks for your help and support so far.

With Bullington Cross now at appeal we need you more than ever to make a noise and get your voices heard.

Writing to your Local Politician is one of the best ways you can do that and with a little help from us, it won’t take more than a few minutes.

Below you will find everything you need to write a persuasive letter that won’t be ignored.

Thank you again for your support. Together we can make Hampshire greener!

Suggested text

…but feel free to write your own words adding your own personal comments and feelings about the wind farm and the benefits it will bring to the local community


Re: Bullington Cross Wind Farm  Planning Application 13/00753/FULLN / 13/00046/FUL / 13/00800/FUL. Appeal Reference: APP/C1760/W/14/3001604

I have already shown my support for the wind farm at Bullington Cross via the planning consultation process. I’m concerned that the clear majority of the public is not being listened to.

This majority understands the clear and urgent need for renewable energy. Building wind farms in the South of England is vital for the long term resilience of the area. Not only does Hampshire currently rely heavily on the import of energy, mostly from the burning of fossil fuels (which is the major cause of climate change), but also the money spent on this energy leaves the county.

The Government’s own climate change targets can only be met if everyone plays his/her part.  We all have a duty to play our part and the building of Bullington Cross Wind Farm will not only show our  support for combating climate change but will also help us to generate more income for the local area, via rates, jobs and community ownership.

Wind farms are clean, modern, efficient and quiet.  A very few people will say they are ugly but banning things because they are ugly is a dangerous road to take. The look of something should not outweigh its clear economic and environmental benefits. The real damage to our landscape will be done by climate change not by a few wind farms.

Over 2,700 local people have contacted the planning officers to show their support for community ownership of Bullington Cross wind farm.  Community ownership is important.  It means the benefits of the farm are shared with us, the local community.

Recent Government statistics (source DECC) show that 70 % of the UK public support wind farms. I am one of those  70 %. It is important to me that local elected representatives and decision makers listen to this overwhelming majority.

Can you assure me that you, as my local representative, will ensure that my views are known and acted upon.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely..

Wind Farms – A dozen good reasons

1. 70% of the UK population support wind farms.

2. 2,750 local people have written to Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover councils asking for community ownership of the Bullington Cross wind farm.

3. The benefits of wind farms far outweigh any costs. They reduce carbon emissions, do not produce pollution,  produce cheap renewable energy, generate local jobs, increase council revenues, and reduce our reliance on expensive dirty imported fossil fuels. 

4. Wind farms generated enough electricity to power 5 million homes last year.

6. Wind farms are just as efficient as nuclear, gas, and coal fired power plants.

5. By the end of 2013 17% of UK electricity came from renewable resources.

6. Wind farms have a smaller impact on our landscape than coal, oil, gas or nuclear power plants.

7. We have to get our electricity from somewhere it makes sense that we make some of it ourselves.

8. Hampshire spends £4 billion a year on fossil fuels to generate energy.  This is a drain on our local economy.  We can make energy renewably ourselves and save money. 

9. Community ownership means the benefits and profits from the wind farm accrue to local people ie US.

10. A co-operative (Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-op) has been formed to buy a community stake in the wind farm.

11. The biggest danger facing our countryside is climate change.

12. A NO to wind farms = A YES for climate change.

MP contacts

Winchester: Mr Steve Brine MP

North West Hampshire: Mr Kit Malthouse MP


Basingstoke: Mrs Hon Maria Miller MP

Councillor Contacts

Winchester City Council

Ward Title First Name Last Name Party Email
Whiteley Cllr Vivian Achwal Liberal Democrat vachwal@winchester.gov.uk
St John and All Saints Cllr Janet Berry Labour jberry@winchester.gov.uk
St Barnabas Cllr Eileen Berry Conservative eberry@winchester.gov.uk
Upper Meon Valley Ward Cllr Norma Bodtger Conservative nbodtger@winchester.gov.uk
St Bartholomew Cllr Rosemary Burns Conservative
Littleton and Harestock Cllr James Byrnes Conservative jbyrnes@winchester.gov.uk
Wickham Cllr Angela Clear Liberal Democrat aclear@winchester.gov.uk
The Alresfords Cllr Simon Cook Liberal Democrat scook@winchester.gov.uk
Colden Common and Twyford Cllr Susan Cook Conservative
Boarhunt and Southwick Ward Cllr Neil Cutler Liberal Democrat ncutler@winchester.gov.uk
Droxford Soberton and Hambledon Ward Cllr Caroline Dibden Conservative cdibden@winchester.gov.uk
Oliver’s Battery and Badger Farm Cllr Patrick Fancett Liberal Democrat pfancett@winchester.gov.uk
Shedfield Cllr Linda Gemmell Conservative lgemmell@winchester.gov.uk
Wonston and Micheldever Ward Cllr Stephen Godfrey Conservative sgodfrey@winchester.gov.uk
St Luke Cllr Derek Green Liberal Democrat dgreen@winchester.gov.uk
St Bartholomew Cllr Dominic Hiscock Liberal Democrat dhiscock@winchester.gov.uk
Sparsholt Cllr Caroline Horrill Conservative chorril@winchester.gov.uk
Owslebury and Curdridge Ward Cllr Robert Humby Conservative rhumby@winchester.gov.uk
St Paul Cllr Liz Hutchison Liberal Democrat lhutchison@winchester.gov.uk
Shedfield Cllr Roger Huxstep Conservative rhuxstep@winchester.gov.uk
Colden Common and Twyford Cllr Richard Izard Liberal Democrat rizard@winchester.gov.uk
The Arlesfords Cllr Ernest Jeffs Conservative ejeffs@winchester.gov.uk
Kings Worthy Cllr Robert Johnston Liberal Democrat rjohnston@winchester.gov.uk
Oliver’s Battery and Badger Farm Cllr Brian Laming Liberal Democrat blaming@winchester.gov.uk
Wonston and Micheldever Ward Cllr Barry Lipscomb Conservative blipscomb@winchester.gov.uk
Colden Common and Twyford Cllr Peter Kent Mason Liberal Democrat pmason@winchester.gov.uk
St Michael Cllr Fiona Mather Conservative fmather@winchester.gov.uk
St Bartholomew Cllr James Maynard Liberal Democrat jmaynard@winchester.gov.uk
Wickham Cllr Therese Evans Liberal Democrat tevans@winchester.gov.uk
Bishops Waltham Cllr David McLean Conservative dmclean@winchester.gov.uk
Bishops Waltham Cllr Steve Miller Conservative smiller@winchester.gov.uk
Whiteley Cllr Sam Newman-McKie Liberal Democrat snewmanmckie@winchester.gov.uk
St Barnabas Cllr Helen Osborne Conservative hosborne@winchester.gov.uk
Swandmore and Newtown Ward Cllr Frank Pearson Conservative fpearson@winchester.gov.uk
Denmead Cllr Kirk Phillips Conservative kphillips@winchester.gov.uk
The Arlesfords Cllr Margot Power Liberal Democrat mpower@winchester.gov.uk
St Luke Cllr Rosemary Prowse Liberal Democrat rprowse@winchester.gov.uk
Denmead Cllr Michael Read Conservative mread@winchester.gov.uk
Owslebury and Curdridge Ward Cllr Laurence Ruffel Conservative lruffel@winchester.gov.uk
Bishops Waltham Cllr Tom Ruffel Conservative truffel@winchester.gov.uk
Kings Worthy Cllr Jane Rutter Liberal Democrat jrutter@winchester.gov.uk
St Michael Cllr Robert Sanders Conservative rsanders@winchester.gov.uk
St Luke Cllr Jamie Scott Liberal Democrat jscott@winchester.gov.uk
St John and All Saints Cllr Jonathan Scowen Conservative jscowen@winchester.gov.uk
Compton and Otterbourne Cllr Mike Southgate Conservative msouthgate@winchester.gov.uk
Denmead Cllr Particia Stallard Conservative pstallard@winchester.gov.uk
St Michael Cllr Ian Tait Conservative itait@winchester.gov.uk
Cheriton and Bishops Sutton Ward Cllr Amber Thacker COnservative athacker@winchester.gov.uk
St Paul Cllr Lucille Thompson Liberal Democrat lthompson@winchester.gov.uk
St Paul Cllr Martin Tod Liberal Democrat mtod@winchester.gov.uk
Littleton and Harestock Cllr Paul Twelftree Conservative ptwelftree@winchester.gov.uk
Compton and Otterbourne Cllr Jan Warwick Conservative jwarwick@winchester.gov.uk
St Barnabas Cllr Anne Weir Liberal Democrat aweir@winchester.gov.uk
Swanmore and Newtown Ward Cllr Victoria Weston Conservative vweston@winchester.gov.uk
Wonston and Micheldever Ward Cllr Malcom Wright Independent mwright@winchester.gov.uk

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Ward Title First Name Last Name Party Email
Hatch Warren and Beggardwood Cllr Rebecca Bean Conservative Cllr.Rebecca.Bean@basingstoke.gov.uk
Baughurst and Tadley North Cllr Micheal Bound Liberal Democrat cllr.michael.bound@basingstoke.gov.uk
Rooksdown Cllr Simon Bond Conservative cllr.simon.bond@basingstoke.gov.uk
Chineham Cllr Joyce Bowyer Conservative cllr.joyce.bowyer@basingstoke.gov.uk
Kempshott Cllr Rita Burgess Conservative cllr.rita.burgess@basingstoke.gov.uk
Kempshott Cllr Anne Court Conservative cllr.anne.court@basingstoke.gov.uk
Brookvale & Kings Furlong Cllr Jack Cousens Labour Cllr.Jack.Cousens@basingstoke.gov.uk
Basing Cllr Onnalee Cubitt Independent cllr.onnalee.cubitt@basingstoke.gov.uk
Grove Cllr Stephen Day Liberal Democrat Cllr.Stephen.Day@basingstoke.gov.uk
Whitchurch Cllr Eric Dunlop Liberal Democrat cllr.eric.dunlop@basingstoke.gov.uk
Kempshott Cllr Hayley Eachus Conservative cllr.hayley.eachus@basingstoke.gov.uk
Winklebury Cllr Laura Edwards Conservative Cllr.Laura.Edwards@basingstoke.gov.uk
Brighton Hill South Cllr Matt Ellery Independent Cllr.Matthew.Ellery@basingstoke.gov.uk
Burghclere, Highclere & St Marybourne Cllr Graham Falconer Conservative Cllr.Graham.Falconer@basingstoke.gov.uk
Popley West Cllr Jane Frankum Labour cllr.jane.frankum@basingstoke.gov.uk
Popley West Cllr Paul Frankum Labour cllr.paul.frankum@basingstoke.gov.uk
Oakley & North Waltham Cllr Stuart Frost Conservative Cllr.Stuart.Frost@basingstoke.gov.uk
Pamber & Silchester Cllr Roger Gardiner Conservative Cllr.Roger.Gardiner@basingstoke.gov.uk
Basing Cllr Sven Godesen Conservative cllr.sven.godesen@basingstoke.gov.uk
Oakley & North Waltham Cllr Rob Golding Conservative cllr.rob.golding@basingstoke.gov.uk
Brighton Hill North Cllr Hannah Golding Conservative cllr.hannah.golding@basingstoke.gov.uk
Norden Cllr Paul Harvey Labour cllr.paul.harvey@basingstoke.gov.uk
Norden Cllr George Hood Labour cllr.george.hood@basingstoke.gov.uk
Grove Cllr Ronald Hussey Lib Dem cllr.ron.hussey@basingstoke.gov.uk
Burghclere, Highclere & St Marybourne Cllr John Izett Conservative Cllr.John.Izett@basingstoke.gov.uk
Norden Cllr Lauren James Labour cllr.laura.james@basingstoke.gov.uk
Eastrop Cllr Gavin James Liberal Democrat cllr.gavin.james@basingstoke.gov.uk
Buckskin Cllr Tony Jones Labour Cllr.Tony.Jones@basingstoke.gov.uk
South Ham Cllr Sean Keating Labour cllr.sean.keating@basingstoke.gov.uk
Sherbourne St John Cllr John Leek Conservative cllr.john.leek@basingstoke.gov.uk
Tadley South Cllr David Leeks Conservative cllr.david.leeks@basingstoke.gov.uk
Brighton Hill South Cllr Pamela Lonie Labour Cllr.Pamela.Lonie@basingstoke.gov.uk
Chineham Cllr Paul Miller Conservative cllr.paul.miller@basingstoke.gov.uk
Tadley South Cllr Rob Musson Conservative cllr.robert.musson@basingstoke.gov.uk
Kingsclere Cllr Cathy Osselton Conservative cllr.cathy.osselton@basingstoke.gov.uk
Eastrop Cllr Stuart Parker Liberal Democrat cllr.stuart.parker@basingstoke.gov.uk
Overton, Laverstoke and Steventon Cllr Colin Phillimore Labour cllr.colin.phillimore@basingstoke.gov.uk
Buckskin Cllr Nigel Price Labour Cllr.Nigel.Pierce@basingstoke.gov.uk
Basing Cllr Clive Pinder Conservative cllr.clive.pinder@basingstoke.gov.uk
Popley East Cllr David Potter Labour Cllr.David.Potter@basingstoke.gov.uk
Hatch Warren and Beggardwood Cllr Dan Putty Conservative cllr.dan.putty@basingstoke.gov.uk
South Ham Cllr Colin Regan Labour Cllr.Colin.Regan@basingstoke.gov.uk
Hatch Warren and Beggardwood Cllr Terri Reid Conservative cllr.terri.reid@basingstoke.gov.uk
Tadley Central Cllr Jonathan Richards Conservative cllr.jonathan.richards@basingstoke.gov.uk
Bramley and Sherfield Cllr Nicholas Robinson Conservative cllr.nicholas.robinson@bsingstoke.gov.uk
Upton Grey and The Candovers Cllr Mark Ruffell Conservative cllr.mark.ruffell@basingstoke.gov.uk
East Woodhay Cllr Clive Sanders Conservative cllr.clive.sanders@basingstoke.gov.uk
Kingsclere Cllr Donald Sherlock Conservative Cllr.Donald.Sherlock@basingstoke.gov.uk
Winklebury Cllr Joseph Smith Conservative cllr.joseph.smith@basingstoke.gov.uk
Chineham Cllr Elaine Still Conservative cllr.elaine.still@basingstoke.gov.uk
Baughurst and Tadley North Cllr Robert Tate Conservative Cllr.Robert.Tate@basingstoke.gov.uk
Brighton Hill North Cllr Mark Taylor Labour Cllr.Mark.Taylor@basingstoke.gov.uk
Oakley & North Waltham Cllr Diane Taylor Conservative cllr.diane.taylor@basingstoke.gov.uk
Overton, Laverstoke and Steventon Cllr Ian Tilbury Independent cllr.ian.tilbury@basingstoke.gov.uk
Bramley and Sherfield Cllr Chris Tomblin Independent Cllr.Chris.Tomblin@basingstoke.gov.uk
Pamber & Silchester Cllr Marilyn Tucker Conservative cllr.marilyn.tucker@basingstoke.gov.uk
Popley East Cllr Vivien Washbourne Labour Cllr.Vivien.Washbourne@basingstoke.gov.uk
Labour Cllr Gary Watts Labour Cllr.Gary.Watts@basingstoke.gov.uk
Whitchurch Cllr keith Watts Liberal Democrat cllr.keith.watts@basingstoke.gov.uk
Brookvale & Kings Furlong Cllr Michael Westbrook Labour Cllr.Michael.Westbrook@basingstoke.gov.uk

Test Valley Borough Council

Ward Title First Name Last Name Party Email
Blackwater Cllr Nick Adams-King Conservatives Cllrnadams-king@testvalley.gov.uk
Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams Cllr Nigel Anderdon Conservatives cllrnanderdon@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (St Mary’s) Cllr Iris Andersen Conservatives cllriandersen@testvalley.gov.uk
Blackwater Cllr Gordon Bailey MBE Conservatives cllrgbailey@testvalley.gov.uk
Romsey (Cupernham) Cllr Dorothy Baverstock Liberal Democrats cllrdbaverstock@testvalley.gov.uk
Valley Park Cllr Andrew Beesley Liberal Democrats cllrabeesley@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Harroway) Cllr Carl Borg-Neal Conservatives cllrcborg-neal@testvalley.gov.uk
Stockbridge Cllr Peter Boulton Conservatives cllrpboulton@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Alamein) Cllr Alexander Brook Conservatives cllrabrook@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Millway) Cllr Zillah Brooks Conservatives cllrzbrooks@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Winton) Cllr Jan Budzynski Conservatives cllrjbudzynski@testvalley.gov.uk
Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams Cllr Phil Bundy Conservatives cllrpbundy@testvalley.gov.uk
Broughton and Stockbridge Cllr Daniel Busk Conservatives Cllrdbusk@testvalley.gov.uk
Charlton Cllr Ian Carr Conservatives cllricarr@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (St Mary’s) Cllr John Cockaday Conservatives Cllrjcockaday@testvalley.gov.uk
Romsey (Abbey) Cllr Clive Collier Conservatives cllrccollier@testvalley.gov.uk
Romsey (Tadburn) Cllr Mark Cooper Liberal Democrats cllrmcooper@testvalley.gov.uk
North Baddesley Cllr Stephen Cosier Liberal Democrats Cllrscosier@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (St Mary’s) Cllr David Denny Conservatives Cllrddenny@testvalley.gov.uk
Valley Park Cllr Alan Dowden Liberal Democrats cllradowden@testvalley.gov.uk
North Baddesley Cllr Celia Dowden Liberal Democrats cllradowden@testvalley.gov.uk
Harewood Cllr David Drew Conservatives Cllrddrew@testvalley.gov.uk
Amport Cllr Benjam Brown Independent cllrbfewbrown@testvalley.gov.uk
Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams Cllr Alison Finlay Conservatives cllrafinlay@testvalley.gov.uk
Anna Cllr Maureen Flood Conservatives cllrmflood@testvalley.gov.uk
Bourne Valley Cllr Peter Giddings Conservatives cllrpgiddings@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Harroway) Cllr Karen Hamilton Conservatives cllrkhamilton@testvalley.gov.uk
Amfield and Braishfield Cllr Martin Hatley Conservatives cllrmhatley@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Millway) Cllr Sandra Hawke Conservatives cllrshawke@testvalley.gov.uk
Romsey Extra Cllr Ian Hibberd Conservatives cllrihibberd@testvalley.gov.uk
Over Wallop Cllr Anthony Hope Conservatives cllrahope@testvalley.gov.uk
Romsey (Tadburn) Cllr Peter Hurst Liberal Democrats cllrphurst@testvalley.gov.uk
Dun Valley Cllr Ian Jeffrey Conservatives CllrIjeffrey@testvalley.gov.uk
Romsey Extra Cllr Alison Johnston Conservatives cllrajohnston@testvalley.gov.uk
Penton Bellinger Cllr Phillip Lashbrook Conservatives cllrplashbrook@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Winton) Cllr Jan Lovell Conservatives cllrjlovell@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Winton) Cllr Christopher Lynn Conservatives cllrclynn@testvalley.gov.uk
Penton Bellinger Cllr Pam Mutton Conservatives cllrpmutton@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Millway) Cllr James Neal Conservatives cllrjneal@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Alamein) Cllr Phillip North Conservatives cllrpnorth@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Harroway) Cllr Brian Page MBE Conservatives cllrbpage@testvalley.gov.uk
Andover (Alamein) Cllr Tracey Preston Conservatives cllrtpreston@testvalley.gov.uk
Romsey Cllr Ian Richards Conservatives cllririchards@testvalley.gov.uk
Anna Cllr Graham Stallard Conservatives cllrgstallard@testvalley.gov.uk
Valley Park Cllr Margaret Tilling Liberal Democrats cllrmtilling@testvalley.gov.uk
North Baddesley Cllr Ann Tupper Liberal Democrats cllratupper@testvalley.gov.uk
King Somborne and Michelmersh Cllr Tony Wards Conservatives cllrtwards@testvalley.gov.uk


Take the HREC Selfie Challenge

Take the HREC Selfie Challenge

Have a giggle and spread the word about community renewable energy at the same time.

At HREC we are always looking for new and powerful ways to demonstrate to our local politicians that the people of Hampshire want to see clean, green and fair energy in their county.

So we came up with the HREC Selfie challenge. It goes like this:

1. Print off one of our banners exclaiming your love for community or wind energy.

2. Take a selfie (a photo taken by yourself, for those not in the loop) of you holding the banner of choice. Use your imagination, dress up, make a silly face, take it in a silly place – make it noticable.

3. E-mail us your photo at info@hampshire-energy.coop with your name, or upload it straight to our facebook page or tag #HRECselfie on twitter.

4. We will collect all your beautiful photos, design them into a stylish album and deliver it to our councillors and MP’s. They won’t be able to argue with that.

Remember, get creative to make a real impact. We will pick our favourites and feature them pride of place in our album, make it really great and you will get a copy of the album!

We love to share at HREC, and we know that you do too. Share your pics with friends and family and encourage them take one themselves.

And remember to recycle your banner when you have finished with it.

Thanks as always for your continued support.


Download your banners here (pdf versions)






Wind Power – Just hot air? or a sensible future?

Turbines at Westmill

Our community wind farm, despite being banned by councillors, continues to spark debate and make headlines in local newspapers.

Recently, chief Anti-Windfarmer, Douglas Patterson wrote to the Basingstoke Gazette (Why Wind Power is Just Hot Air) to express his gratitude to the councillors and suggest his own solution to the energy and climate crisis; Thorium Nuclear reactors in every town.

You can read his letter to the paper here.

However, his suggestion for ‘safe, clean energy’ did not go unnoticed by supporters of our community wind farm, whom quickly wrote into the Gazette with more realistic ideas and suggestions.

You can read them here.

We also made it into the Hampshire Chronicle with letters from another supporter. You can find copies of these below.

No green wind farm in my back yard

Wind Farm efficiency

It goes to show, you can make a difference. Write a letter to your local newspaper and it could be seen by thousands of people. Or why not write a letter to your councillor?

If you have been inspired to pick up a pen, or take to the keyboard, and write a letter of your own.



Photo Credits: Jeff Kubina, Rowbes Photography

We think this is outrageous – do you?

You might have not heard; but our three local councils have all decided to ban our planned community wind farm at Bullington Cross.  This is in despite of over 2,800 of us writing or emailing the planners saying we support community owned wind farms.  We think this is outrageous. Next year is election year.  The only thing that keeps our elected officials on their toes is votes.  It seems there is little else they care about.

So yet again it looks like it’s time to put pen to paper (and fingers to keyboard) and write to your councillor; this time to tell them how disappointed you are by the council’s refusal of the wind farm. We should also start letting our MPs know as well.

I know we have all written to them before; and some might be saying “Is it worth it?”.  Yes it is. We made tremendous progress over the last 6 months. In Basingstoke we got 5 out of the 12 councillors to vote for the wind farm; in Test Valley it was 4.  Clearly there is something wrong in Winchester where only 1 of the councillors could be bothered to vote in favour. But this is much more than ever before.  Another few councillors on our side and we might get our next planning application accepted.

As always, we have provided some inspiration as to what to write below, as well who to send it to once you are finished. But remember, not all the councillors voted against the wind farm, if you want to congratulate the councillors that voted in favour we have highlighted their names below. A full list of all Councillors on the planning committee is here.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support. Although the planning decision has past, we need to keep the momentum up. After all, we are building a community energy revolution not just a wind farm.

Suggested text

Dear Councillor,

Re: Bullington Cross Wind Farm Planning Application.

I am a supporter of community ownership of the wind farm at Bullington Cross. I have been following the developments of the planning application for this wind farm with great interest and am disappointed to discover that proposal for the development was rejected by you at the committee meeting on 16th June 2014.

You would have heard the arguments for and against; but I want you to explain to me why you voted to ban a community owned wind farm. 

If you want my vote for either yourself, or your party, at the next election, you are going to have to convince me that you (and your party) are serious about reducing global warming and that you support community ownership of renewable energy.

I look forward to your explanation for your vote and to hearing what you are going to do to address the threat of even greater global warming.

Yours sincerely


If you want some ideas for additional paragraphs to add in here are some;

Any large scale development of this nature will of course impact upon the landscape and the people close to its location. In these circumstances the correct decision is one which fairly balances the costs and benefits of its construction.

The benefits of the wind farm outweighed the costs. These include –

  • Generation of over £4 million through a community, co-operative ownership scheme which would be used to fund additional community energy projects and tackle fuel poverty in Hampshire.
  • A step towards de-centralisation of energy production in Hampshire. A process that places communities in charge of their energy production and creates a more equitable and beneficial energy market for consumers.
  • Reduction of Hampshire Carbon Dioxide emissions by 26,000 tonnes annually, an amount equivalent to the removal of 9,000 cars from Hampshire’s roads.
  • Increased resilience of Hampshire’s energy network and a reduction in the £1 billion the three districts spend on imported fossil fuels annually.
  • Generation of around £3.5 million through a community benefit scheme funded by the applicant, EDF.
  • Generation of around £5 million in additional rates for the three councils.

Climate change is a reality; one that not only affects those in distant places but us in Hampshire also. We must take responsibility for our own energy production in the county. We must do this to reduce the environmental impact of the energy we use. We must do this to secure a more equitable energy market for consumers by placing them in charge of production. We must do this for a better future for ourselves and our children.

I am particularly disappointed by the decision of the council and hope it is one they will not repeat in the future.

I will be intrigued to hear what steps our council will be taking to ensure they achieve sustainability targets in the future.

Below is the list of all the councillors that were in attendance and made a decision regarding the future of our wind farm. Simply find the right ward for you and send your email. Easy.

Title First Name Last Name Ward Email Vote
Cllr Laurence Ruffell Owslebury and Curdridge Ward lruffell@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Therese Evans Wickham tevans@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Richard Izard Colden Common and Twyford rizard@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Ernest Jeffs The Alresfords Ward ejeffs@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Robert Johnston Kings Worthy rjohnston@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr David McLean Bishops Waltham dmclean@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Frank Pearson Swanmore and Newtown Ward fpearson@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Michael Read Denmead mread@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Jane Rutter Kings Worthy jrutter@winchester.gov.uk Did not attend
Cllr Jamie Scott St Luke jscott@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Kim Gottlieb Itchen Valley Ward kgottlieb@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Brian Laming Oliver’s Battery and Badger Farm blaming@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Barry Lipscom Wonston and Micheldever Ward blipscomb@winchester.gov.uk Against
Cllr Sam Newman-McKie Whiteley snewmanmckie@winchester.gov.uk For
Cllr Donald Sherlock Kingsclere Cllr.Donald.Sherlock@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Michael Bound Baughurst & Tadley North cllr.michael.bound@basingstoke.gov.uk For
Cllr Anne Court Kempshott cllr.anne.court@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Eric Dunlop Whitchurch cllr.eric.dunlop@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Jane Frankum Popley West cllr.jane.frankum@basingstoke.gov.uk For
Cllr Stuart Frost Oakley & North Waltham Cllr.Stuart.Frost@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Sven Godesen Basing cllr.sven.godesen@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr George Hood Norden cllr.george.hood@basingstoke.gov.uk For
Cllr David Potter Popley East Cllr.David.Potter@basingstoke.gov.uk For
Cllr Diane Taylor Oakley & North Waltham cllr.diane.taylor@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Chris Tomblin Bramley & Sherfield Cllr.Chris.Tomblin@basingstoke.gov.uk Did not attend
Cllr Marilyn Tucker Pamber & Silchester cllr.marilyn.tucker@basingstoke.gov.uk Against
Cllr Martin Biermann Chineham Cllr.martin.biermann@basingstoke.gov.uk For
cllr Zilliah Brooks Millway cllrzbrooks@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Maureen Flood Anna cllrmflood@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Iris Andersen St.Mary’s cllriandersen@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Katherine Bird St.Mary’s cllrkbird@testvalley.gov.uk FOR
cllr Carl Borg-Neal Harroway cllrcborg-neal@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Peter Boulton Broughton and Stockbridge cllrpboulton@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Alexander Brook Alamein cllrabrook@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Jan Budzynski Winton cllrjbudzynski@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Daniel Busk Broughton and Stockbridge Cllrdbusk@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Ian Carr Charlton cllricarr@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Eleanor Charnley Penton Bellinger cllrecharnley@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Clive Collier Abbey cllrccollier@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Benjam Few Brown Amport cllrbfewbrown@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Peter Giddings Bourne Valley cllrpgiddings@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Karen Hamilton Harroway cllrkhamilton@testvalley.gov.uk FOR
cllr Sandra Hawke Millway cllrshawke@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Anthony  Hope Over Wallop cllrahope@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Phillip Lashbrook Penton Bellinger cllrplashbrook@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Nigel Long St.Mary’s cllrnlong@testvalley.gov.uk FOR
cllr Jan Lovell Winton cllrjlovell@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Christopher Lynn Winton cllrclynn@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr James Neal Harewood cllrjneal@testvalley.gov.uk AGAINST
cllr Phillip North Alamein cllrpnorth@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Brian Page Harroway cllrbpage@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Ian Robin Millway cllrirobin@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT
cllr Graham Stallard Anna cllrgstallard@testvalley.gov.uk FOR
cllr Janet Whiteley Alamein cllrjwhiteley@testvalley.gov.uk ABSENT


Thanks as always for your continued support.

HREC team

Councillors say ‘No’ to community wind farm

Press Release – Local people let down by Councillors.

Yesterday Basingstoke, Test Valley and Winchester councils voted to ban the community owned wind farm at Bullington Cross.  All three  Councils decided to completely ignore the massive local support for the farm.

Basingstoke, Test Valley and Winchester Councils decided last night that they would ignore local people and voted to ban the partially community owned wind farm at Bullington Cross.

Two thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Five (2,845) people wrote to or emailed the three councils asking them to support the wind farm.  Despite this and with 70% of the UK population wanting wind farms OUR councils decided to refuse a planning application for the construction of a 14 turbine wind farm at Bullington Cross.

The majority of Councillors gave one or more of the following reasons for refusing the planning application from EDF-ER for Bullington Cross Wind Farm:

  1. The turbines look ugly.  This was despite being shown pictures on a big screen of what the turbines would look like and even the planning officers saying “Sorry; you just can’t see them”
  2. There was a perceived danger that aeroplanes might fly in to them.  This was despite two reports from aviation experts that there are no safety concerns over the turbines.
  3. Wind farms are a danger to wildlife that may live on the site. This was despite the offer from the developer to mitigate these risks and there being no objection from the RSPB. The biggest danger to our wildlife is global warming; but most councillors disagreed with that.
  4. The MoD needs the area to practice low flying. This was despite the councils being told that the MoD low flying area is 12,500 sq km and that Bullington Cross covers just 0.03% of this area (4.5 sq km).
  5. The turbines ‘might’ interfere with a weather radar 15km from the site.  This was despite the offer from the developer NOT to build the wind farm until this problem had been sorted out.
  6. The wind turbines ‘might spoil the view of a single listed house 3.9km from the site. This was despite being shown pictures that the turbines would be specks on the horizon at that distance.

Martin Heath a Director of Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-op said “Clearly this is a great disappointment to us and to the many volunteers that helped us out over the past 13 months. A lot of hard work has been put into getting a community ownership of the wind farm; many more people supported the wind farm than opposed it; but still our councillors don’t get it.  The biggest danger to us, our ecology and our wildlife is global warming.  Somehow our councillors think it is wind farms that are dangerous!”

Martin also thanked all those that came along to the council meeting; demonstrated outside and spoke-up at the meeting.  He said “It was heart-warming to see all those local people stand-up in front of the councils and so passionately describe their support for community wind farms.  It was equally disappointing when a majority of our elected representatives decided to ignore them.”

He continued “But this is only the beginning of our ambitions for community ownership of renewable energy in Hampshire. We will be encouraging EDF-ER to appeal against the decision;  we  are discussing a project to install a large solar system on the roof of a local college; and we are looking at other wind farm sites and at using waste to produce electricity”.

He also added “Many thanks to those councillors who listened to their voters; understood that the benefits outweighed the costs and voted for the wind farm”.

Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-op is owned by members of the local community. They plan to invest in renewable energy projects such as Bullington Cross. All the profits made will be re-invested in other community energy schemes in Hampshire and in helping reduce fuel poverty within the community. END

Open Letter to Planning committee

Dear Committee member,

Global warming is already upon on us.  We can no longer stand-by and do nothing.

On June 16th you will be asked to make a decision that will have an effect on us, our children and our grandchildren.  You will be asked to ban the community wind farm at Bullington Cross.  But this is a decision that must be made in light of all the available evidence and a decision that weighs all the benefits against the costs.

You have received a 161 page officer’s report on the costs of the Bullington Cross Wind Farm.

It concludes that the planning application for a community wind farm should be refused.  Yet the report does not fully address the benefits the wind farm will bring to both our local community and to the wider environment.

In short the report is one-sided, short-sighted and subjective.

Our local responsibilities

Our government has made it clear that as a nation we need to reduce our carbon emissions by 20% by 2020; to do this we need to produce 30% of our electricity from low carbon and renewable sources.  We in Winchester, Basingstoke and Test Valley are falling woefully short of our target. Today less than 2% of our energy is from local renewable sources.

It is only fair and just that we in Basingstoke, Test Valley and Winchester do “our bit” to reduce the impact we all have on our environment. We have that responsibility to ourselves and to future generations.

The benefits are significant

Wind farms are quiet, efficient, inexpensive  and clean.

Wind farms do not emit Nitrous and Sulphur Dioxide, which destroy plant life. They do not produce soot, particulate matter or fly ash; which blackens our lungs. Wind farms do not burn imported and expensive coal, gas and oil that creates the Carbon Dioxide which is warming our planet. They do not release radioactive materials.

These are points that are well understood and accepted by all three councils.  All have policies in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, to encourage the development of renewables and to reduce the chances of catastrophic global warming.

The benefits are local

The benefits are clear and they accrue to the local community. The wind farm will;

  1. Be in partial community ownership and will deliver over £4 million in cash that will be invested in local renewable energy projects and in reducing the impact of fuel poverty in our community.
  2. Reduce the massive £1 billion a year we spend on fossil fuelled energy.
  3. Create local jobs.
  4. Provide enough electricity to power 15,100 (or 8%) of our homes.
  5. Reduce our carbon footprint by 26,000 tonnes a year.
  6. Provide more than £5 million in additional rates over its life time.

Wind farms are popular

Our community owned wind farm is popular.  2,845 people have submitted supporting comments as part of the planning process.  The vast majority of these supporters live in our local community.  As far as we know this level of support is unprecedented for any wind farm application in the UK.  Seventy percent of the UK population want on-shore wind farms.

We need action; not excuses

Our planners have produced a report that does not balance the costs against the benefits.  It gives seven main reasons why we should sit on our hands and discard the benefits of wind farming and ignore the threats of global warming.

  1. It says there is not enough evidence on the ecology. The  RSPB have no objection to the farm. At the council’s own request a full EIA was completed.  Any ecological damage can be mitigated. The biggest threat to our ecology is global warming and flooding.
  2. It says we should do nothing because of heritage. English Heritage has no objections and concludes all major effects are “mitigatable”.   The site is at the cross roads of two of the county’s busiest roads. This is not a heritage site.  The nearest village is 3kms away.
  3. They say the turbines look ugly.  This is a purely subjective view.  Most of us think they are acceptable.  Many think they are beautiful. Indeed it is a dangerous road to travel if we decide we must ban anything that is deemed ugly by planning officials.
  4. It says we should do nothing because of landscape amenity. Yet according to our planners this is an area that is heavily used by low flying military aircraft. It surely cannot be both. The biggest threat to our landscape is global warming.
  5. It says that there is a danger to aviation; yet neither the CAA nor NATS objects. The council’s own commissioned report on aviation concludes there will be no adverse effect on flying.
  6. It says that it will interfere with low flying.  The report does not point out that the Southern England low flying area covers 12,500 sq kilometres.  Bullington Cross will deprive the military of just 4.42 sq km (or 0.03%) of this area. A small price to pay.
  7. It says the wind farm may interfere with MOD radars. It will. But this can be mitigated.  The developers have agreed to do this as a condition of gaining planning consent.

We need an informed decision. We need a brave decision.

Planning decisions are never easy.  But they need to be based on a balanced representation of the facts.

The report before you has not balanced the costs with the benefits; it has only given reasons to do nothing; it has not provided us with the reasons why we must act. And why we must act now.

Wind farms are not perfect. But we need to act fairly and equitably and ensure we do what is required to produce the renewable energy we need. And we need to ensure that the benefits of renewable energy projects are shared with local communities.

Coming up with reasons to ban community owned renewable energy is not how a responsible council should act; making decisions based on partial evidence is wrong.

Councillors – we have a very simple choice in North Hampshire.  On the one hand we can generate our electricity from clean renewable modern technology or, on the other. we can continue to rely on dirty, expensive and imported fossil fuels.

The choice is yours.

Yours sincerely

Martin Heath

On behalf of Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative Ltd


Massive local support for our wind farm


We have had over 2,800 local people send emails or write to their local council supporting our plans for a community owned wind farm.  Its a great achievement, and we think we are one of the most supported pre-planning wind farms in the UK.

As a community group, it is important we engage with the local communities that will be living close to our projects. So we decided to put together a map of where our supporters live to find out if we are doing that.

The results are impressive; around 70% of our supporters all live within 12.5 miles of the wind farm; with a large number living in local villages such as Overton, Sutton Scotney, Whitchurch and Wonston.

Martin Heath, one of our Directors says “We have been overwhelmed by the level of support local people have given us.  When we started out we thought 500 letters of support would be a major achievement. To get nearly 3,000 really shows the depth of support there is for community renewable energy in Hampshire”.

We analysed all 2,845 individual responses.  2,430 people included a postcode with 2,141 supporters (88%) living in Hampshire and 1,627 (68%) living within 12.5 miles (20kms) of the site.

Global warming, fossil fuel dependence and  fuel price rises are national issues so there in no surprise that there were a further 289 (12%) signatures coming from as far apart as Wiltshire, Berkshire and Northern Ireland.

The results of our petition show that the local community in and around Bullington Cross want a wind farm and they want it to be community owned.

Of course, we hope that the councillors from Winchester, Basingstoke and Deane, and Test Valley will take note of the massive level of support when they meet to decide the future of the project on June 16th at the Winchester Guildhall.

It’s not too late to influence their decision. Write to your councillor to tell them you want a wind farm. Also come along to the planning decision on the 16th and support your community wind farm, in a gathering  outside the guild hall in Winchester.

Calender of Events until Planning Decision

Below you can learn about what events we have planned for the next five weeks in the run up to the planning decision on the 16th June.

Event calender advert

Time is running out, so come along to one of the events and help spread the word and collect those valuable signatures.

To join us and raise support for community renewable energy then email us at alan.walker@hampshire-energy.coop telling us where and when you would like to help.