Take the HREC Selfie Challenge

Take the HREC Selfie Challenge

Have a giggle and spread the word about community renewable energy at the same time.

At HREC we are always looking for new and powerful ways to demonstrate to our local politicians that the people of Hampshire want to see clean, green and fair energy in their county.

So we came up with the HREC Selfie challenge. It goes like this:

1. Print off one of our banners exclaiming your love for community or wind energy.

2. Take a selfie (a photo taken by yourself, for those not in the loop) of you holding the banner of choice. Use your imagination, dress up, make a silly face, take it in a silly place – make it noticable.

3. E-mail us your photo at info@hampshire-energy.coop with your name, or upload it straight to our facebook page or tag #HRECselfie on twitter.

4. We will collect all your beautiful photos, design them into a stylish album and deliver it to our councillors and MP’s. They won’t be able to argue with that.

Remember, get creative to make a real impact. We will pick our favourites and feature them pride of place in our album, make it really great and you will get a copy of the album!

We love to share at HREC, and we know that you do too. Share your pics with friends and family and encourage them take one themselves.

And remember to recycle your banner when you have finished with it.

Thanks as always for your continued support.


Download your banners here (pdf versions)