Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative (HREC) has been set up to speed the transition from fossil fuel based energy, towards energy generation using renewable sources of energy – like solar, wind and biomass.


We are a Co-op registered with the Industrial and Provident Society.


Co-operative businesses are owned and run by and for their members.  As well as giving members an equal say and share of the profits, co-operatives act together to build a better community.


Co-operatives provide a well tried and tested business model. Over 13 million people in the UK are members of our nearly 6,000 co-operatives. And Co-ops have been around for nearly 200 years.


Most Co-ops adopt the following core principles:
– Voluntary and open membership
– Democratic member control
– Autonomy and independence
– Co-operation among co-operatives
– Concern for community


This means that anyone who accepts the objectives of the Co-op can join; there is a “one-member = one-vote” democracy. It does not matter who you are or how much money you’ve invested you still get one vote. The Co-op acts in the best interest of its members.


HREC objectives are to:
– Establish a range of renewable energy generation facilities throughout Hampshire.
– Maximise co-operative and community ownership of new renewable energy generation in Hampshire and the benefits deriving from such production including reducing fuel poverty.
– Coordinate information on renewable energy projects.
– Provide a resource for education about all aspects of renewable energy

The Vision for Hampshire

Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative is leading the transition from fossil fuels towards a future where all our energy is derived from renewable sources – such as wind, tide, solar and biomass.

2 thoughts on “HREC

  1. I am not a member of your group, but just want to draw your attention to a protest meeting at Manor Farm Woodmancott, Nr. Winchester SO21 3BN
    There is a very forceful, financially strong action group trying to prevent this project
    run by TCI. Maybe you want to attend.
    K-M Dinesen

  2. Hello,
    My wife and I own a property in France fairly near to a new wind farm. We do not find them ugly, noisy or obtrusive – in fact they are quite beautiful. They have also ‘opened up’ the nearby countryside as (I believe) the energy company was required to improve and extend footpaths in the adjacent countryside.

    More generally, we agree with the HEG objectives and think development of wind power is urgent.

    We particularly support community involvement and would be interested in investing in any share ownership scheme it is possible to establish with EDF. Is it possible to give any time estimate for when such an investment might be possible?

    Best wishes,
    Ken and Jackie Qualmann
    Sutton Scotney, Hampshire

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